The Importance of Visual Components in Web Design

The majority of businesses that exist today realise that they need to have a presence on the web. For those that are doing online business most realise the importance of good web design. For the others who are only maintaining a Corporate website, they may not put as much emphasis on this. No matter what the business is, good web design should be a priority.

What is Good Web Design?

It is the process of creating a plan of how to use all of the necessary elements of a website in the best way process so they will create the desired results.

Difference Between Good and Bad Web Design

It is much easier to identify a bad web design after an individual has been able to view a well-designed website like Unibet which possesses all of the right components that a good web design requires.

Components of A Good Web Design

Good web design will be able to achieve the following:

  • Create a good first impression
  • Encourage visitors to return
  • Boost the credibility of the brand

Components of a Bad Web Design

The negative aspects of a poorly designed website can be easily spotted. By identifying this, avoiding them or correcting them if they already exist can turn a bad site into a good one.

Poor Visual Layout

To correct this, it means looking at the site and determining is it visually appealing? It should be compatible with the style of the company itself. The visual layout should be easy for the eye to follow, and it should not possess any distractions.

Bright Obnoxious Colours

For amateur web designers, they can easily get caught up with the colours that are available for web designing. Some feel that the more colour they use, the more it attracts attention. It does attract attention but none that is positive. Colours that match the brand of the company are the best choice. Some thought has to be put into the colours as to how they will work with the target market.

Too Many Animations

Animations do have their place in web design. They can be used with text to draw quick attention to present what the company is about. These, combined with faded imaging backgrounds can be a good mix. Any more than this on the same page can now have the opposite effect.

Too Much Flash

The same applies to flash as that for animation.

Loud Distracting Background Music

Background music can be used but with caution. It has to be the right choice of music and be very subtle in its volume. There should also be an option for visitors to turn it off.

Poor Typography

Trying to deliver a message with the web text can be a complete failure if the wrong typography is used. It doesn’t matter whether the text is for informational purposes or a call to action. It must be easy to read. With lots of white space. There can be lots of text, but it needs to be presented in short sentences and paragraphs.

Poor Quality in Images

Images are important, and they help to create a different impression than what text does. However, the right image in the right size and of good quality is the criteria that should be placed on any image that is going to be used on the site.

Each one of these visual components that goes into a website has its own level of importance. Any of them that are poorly used will detract from the importance and purpose of the website.

After all of the visual components of the web design have been addressed just as important is going to be the usability of the site.