How to Become A Web Designer

The internet provides a lot of job opportunities and one of these is the chance to become a web designer. As can be seen, by the number of websites that are on the web, this is a profession that is in high demand. Some may think that the market for this type of work is flooded, but there are still many opportunities for the web designer.

Making the Decision

Sometimes a snap decision can be made concerning becoming a web designer. Those who do not fully understand the responsibilities that come with this think that it is an easy line of work. To make an informed decision such as this, it is worth talking to some of those in the web design business to become familiar with the pros and cons of it.

The Education

Being as the internet created such a demand for web design, many learning institutions added it to their curriculum. This is one way of becoming educated. Others have joined those who have become accredited as web designers and have learned under them. Then there are others who are self-taught. The proper education is the best route to go as it lends to the credibility of the individual when they are applying for jobs. Others have decided to start their own web design business on a small scale.

The Skills

Web designers have to develop specific skills, and these are what is taught in the educational environment. These include learning:

  • SQL: Which is what is required to manage databases.
  • PHP: Scripting for the server
  • jQuery: For scripting
  • Bootstrap: for mobile presentation
  • JavaScript: the creation of dynamic content
  • HTML: Site content
  • CSS: Styling of pages

These are all computer languages that are required for the building of web sites. Although web design and web development can be viewed as two separate entities, most web designers have advanced their knowledge to include web development.


Although there are many skills that can be learned, one that really has to be focused on is creativity. A good web designer must possess this skill. Otherwise, all websites would basically look the same.

Communication Skills

The web designer has to work closely with the clients. They need to be able to explain their actions as they go through designing the sites. Clients may not understand why a designer is doing specific things, and the designer must be able to explain these in such a way that the client understands.

Web design can be a rewarding career, especially for those who enjoy working with new technology.