Being Creative in Design

No matter what industry a person works in that industry is going to have some level of competition. This is true for the industry design. Being creative is one of the skills that a designer needs to have to be good at their work but also to put them ahead of their competition.

Different Types of Designers

There are many different types of designers with some of the most popular being:

  • Home design
  • Interior Design
  • Web Design
  • Product Design

Not Everything Goes

Often when people think of creativity in design, they have the impression that anything goes. This is not the case and there are some design concepts that should be avoided.


No matter whether a designer is specializing in home design or any one of the other design categories creativity must be used so it enhances the design and does not interfere with the functionality of the project.

Busy designers sometimes can get into a slump where they lose their creativity. The success of the project depends on how creative they are so this is a problem that they must address quickly. Sometimes this is the first stumbling block a new designer will be faced with as they enter the workforce. There are some things they can do to enhance their creativity

A Different Way of Thinking

A designer has to look at the project at hand and think about it in a different way than what other people would.

Take the Time

A prject should never be rushed. It takes time to design and this time needs to be applied appropriately.


For those that are new to design working on those first few projects can be intimidating. A new designer may want to do a few small jobs for free just to get the experience.

Leave the Emotions Out of It

Designers have to be careful that they don’t confuse their creativity with their emotions. Do a project for someone else should not be based on the designers personal preferences.

A Clear Mind

Being creatine takes a lot of thought. If a designer has other things on their mind, then this acts as a distraction and doesn’t allow for focus or clear thinking. Issues that the designer has to deal with should be taken care of prior to designing any project.

Good Health

Physical work puts a lot of demands on the human body but so does mental work. Being creative demands a lot of thought and planning. In both instances, good health is a priority. If a designer doesn’t feel well, or is tired then this is going to affect their thought process. The priorities of maintaining good health is getting plenty of rest, lots of exercise and eating healthy.

Take Time Out

Nobody can be creative all the time. Everyone needs a break. No matter how busy a designer is, they need to plan time out for themselves. When they do this most times, they can start or return to a design project with a fresh mind.

Any designer that is struggling with their creativity should not panic about this. There is nothing wrong with asking others their opinion about a specific design. It may be all that it takes to get the designer back on track again. Capitalizing on the ideas of others is part of design.