To really benefit from our site, it is important to know more about us in regards to why we choose to focus on certain topics. To begin with, we choose to produce a site about design and web design because of their importance. Although two different topics they both are related. The one thing that they in common is they demand creativity.

Home Design and Web Design

These are two very different forms of design, but there are things that take place in web design that are applicable to home design. These are based on clutter, uniformity, consistency and creating a warm environment.

Important Skills

The topics that we chose to discuss here on this website each are meant to serve a specific purpose. For the post on creativity, we wanted to make this stand out as one of the most important skills a designer needs to possess.

Interior Designer

One of the most common categories within the design is interior design. We chose to highlight this topic in a post to be used as a starting point for those interested in design. We also wanted to show the options for being able to specialise within this category.

Design Opportunities

We realise that there are a lot of people who would like to begin a career in design. So we wanted to be sure that they understood that there are different career categories that are available in the design industry. The post we have that covers this outlines some interesting options.

Web Designing

An exciting category that falls within the design industry is a web designer. This is an important topic for us concerning this website because it is important to the design industry. There are some who would never consider design in other fields, but web design has piqued their interest. The post that we have here gives the basics of how to make this a career.

Components in Web Design

We understand the importance of the different components that a website is comprised of. To help those who are interested in this type of design we have focused on the visual components as the web designer has to make these their priority.