Welcome to our website that is all about design in general and web design. These are two exciting subjects. For those that are interested in either of these, then this site is going to be a great resource. There are plenty of topics that could be chosen for posts, and we focused on those that we thought were going to be the most informative.


A good designer often hears the comment, “ I don’t know how you do it”. These are the words of satisfied customers. The good designer, however, knows their accomplishments in part have come from their creativity. There is a post here that talks about this in more detail.

Considering Interior Design

Quite often, those who begin to develop an interest in interior design start with interior design. We have provided an interesting post here that contains both basic information and some additional opportunities within interior design.

Career Choices

There is a post here that outlines some of the different categories that come under design that present an opportunity to specialise in a specific area of design. Having options like this makes it easier to choose this industry to build a career in.

Web Design

For those who like to work with new technology and also have a keen interest in design, then entering into the world of web design may be a great choice. Read the article we have here about this to help you make a decision about this.

Good and Bad Websites

You will enjoy the post we have here that shows the elements of a bad website and how these can be corrected. Specifically focusing on the visual components.

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